Mediaddress, la più grande banca dati di giornalisti italiani ed europei


Mediadata The company was founded in 1992 with one goal: to aggregate services and profiles according to the needs of press offices. Our offer is constantly updated and expanded to meet various needs: each customer can choose the most appropriate formula for its business and operational and budget requirements.

Journalists and freelancers receive targeted communications based on their areas of expertise or the indications provided in their self-registration. Mediaddress is journalists' long-used database and is confirmed as a service par excellence in Italy and a reference point for the press offices of major institutions, corporations and public relations agencies.


Mediadata Italia è fatta di persone che lavorano per le persone. Professionisti delle media relation che analizzano quotidianamente più di 6.000 testate e attuano verifiche di competenza in ottica di trasparenza di metodologie e dati.

Thanks to each person's support and the use of innovative technological tools, the team works to expand the database, sharpen cross-update systems and sign agreements with national and international networks.






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